Definitions for "Disjunct"
melody formed by leaps rather than by steps
mostly leaping/skipping motion
Disjointed or disconnected melody with many leaps. Example: Haydn, Symphony No.94 "Surprise", third movement Real Audio: 28k | 56k | About this album This dance-like tune moves with disjointed leaps, making it disjunct.
Disjoined; separated.
Having the head, thorax, and abdomen separated by a deep constriction.
Disjunct populations are physically separated from each other, that is, there is no gene flow between the populations. They are formed over time due to the appearance of a barrier in a formerly continuous distribution. Forest Management
One of the two sentences connected by "or" in a disjunction.
In a formula of the form A \/ B, A and B are disjuncts.
one of the immediate constituent formulae or sentences in a disjunction, e.g. in "A or B", "A" and "B" are the disjuncts.
progressing melodically by intervals larger than a major second
in the conjunctive normal form, a group of individual terms joined by OR; in the disjunctive normal form, a group of disjuncts joined by OR.
The term used to describe intervals larger than a second; the opposite of conjunct.
a combination of connectors which constitutes a legal use of the word
a set of connector types that constitutes a legal use of a word
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Another name for the quincunx aspect.