Definitions for "Constriction"
Lithotripsy Thermoregulation
Jejunum Thermoregulation Thrombomodulin
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The act of constricting by means of some inherent power or by movement or change in the thing itself, as distinguished from compression.
The state of being constricted; the point where a thing is constricted; a narrowing or binding.
Squeezing in the lines of force; i.e., a narrowing of section in a magnetized material.
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Lesion Sciatica
Microcirculation Thermal
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Lobe Synaptic
The tightening of the muscles around the airways.
method used by some snakes to kill prey by coiling tightly around the prey item to prevent it from breathing
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Lesser used name for clamping.
A natural or artificial control section, such as a bridge crossing, channel reach or dam, with limited flow capacity in which the upstream water surface elevation is related to discharge.
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A loss of peripheral vision, leaving only a central island of functional vision in one or both eyes (tunnel vision).