Definitions for "Segmented"
Divided into segments or joints; articulated.
Divided into segments or partitions. Simple animals and plants do not show segmentation, but as living things began to evolve into more complex forms, many developed a system of segmenting the body, allowing for different sections to become specialised at different tasks. In this way, a fly has several segments that make up the head and are specialised for sensing, eating, vision and so on. It also has thorax segments, three of which are specialised for carrying legs, and two of which are specialised for carrying wings (or one pair of wings, and a pair of haltars for balance).
Type of Maze that has different sections in different styles, or gradually fades from one style to another between two sections. For example, a Maze in two rings where the outer ring is perfect but the inner ring is braid would be segmented, as would a Maze which is horizontally biased at the top fading into a vertical bias by the time one reaches the bottom.
constricted into divisions as in many euphorbias.
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A package that does not fit on a single volume, such as a floppy disk.
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See " contraction."