Definitions for "GOLDEN SECTION"
Take a line AB and divide it by C so that the ratio AC:CB=AB:AC. It works out at approximately 8/13. This mathematical proportion is considered to be beautiful.
The ideal proportion according to the ancient Greeks. Visualized as the division of a line into two unequal segments in such a way that the ratio of the smaller segment to the larger segment is equal to the ratio of the larger to the whole. It is usually defined as 21:34, that is, 21/34 and 34/(21+34) both equal approximately 0.618. A rectangle whose sides are of this proportion is called a "golden rectangle". Golden rectangles can be found in the proportions of the Parthenon and many medieval manuscripts.
Any length divided so that the ratio of the smaller to the larger part is equivalent to the ratio between the larger part and the whole and is always 0.618.