Definitions for "Oversize"
Keywords:  shelved, folio, larger, book, library
A book that is too large to be shelved in normal call number sequence on the shelves of the library and must be shelved in a special location for larger books. Watch for the word "Folio" or "Oversize" in the location area of the catalog record and use the second line in the Call number Locator Page
are any piece that is larger than normal production pieces.
An oversized volume shelved in a special location for larger books.
To surpass in size.
Items that exceed the basic size requirements of the service. Sizes and prices for mailing oversize items vary by service. (article surdimensionné – Surd.)
a word whose definition keeps expanding; once a Big Bertha driver head, at 235 cubic centimeters, was considered huge; many driver heads now exceed 300 CCs in volume.
Keywords:  viscid, matter, cover
To cover with viscid matter.