Definitions for "Aspect ratio"
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The ratio of the long to the short side of an aëroplane, aërocurve, or wing.
Aspect Ratio refers to the ratio between an image's height and width. Differing mediums such as television, HDTV, and film, use different aspect ratios. Within computer graphics, it refers to the shape of an individual pixel in a digital image.
The TV screen ratio between the width of the picture and the height of the picture. Conventional television has an aspect ratio of 4:3. HDTV typically has an aspect ratio of 16:9.
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The length of the luff of a sail compared to the length of its foot
Measure of wing slenderness when seen in plan view, usually defined as the square
The length of a paver unit divided by the thickness of the paver unit.
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Asperity ASPI
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The quotient of the long side of a glazing lite over the short side of that lite.
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Lossless compression
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