Definitions for "Appendages"
Non-motile filamentous structures attached basally to trichospores of Harpellales or to one or both ends of sporangiospores of Eccrinales.
The epidermal appendages include eccrine (sweat) glands, apocrine (scent) glands, pilosebaceous structures (hair and oil glands) and nails.
Keywords:  bilge, keels, struts, bossings, rudder
The portions of a vessel extending beyond the main hull outline including such items as rudder, shafting, struts, bossings, and bilge keels.
Keywords:  crayfish, leg, paddles, sharply, claw
Attached part of a limb of an animal, e.g. the leg of crayfish is an appendage.
Ten legs (five pairs) including a claw-bearing pair with spines used for feeding and defense, followed by three pairs of sharply pointed walking legs, and a pair modified as flat swimming paddles at the rear, swimming legs.
Legs, arms, tails, or fins on an animal.
structures at the end of abdomen: 2 in females, 3 (2 superior, 1 inferior) in male dragonflies, 4 (2 superior, 2 inferior) in male damselflies; distinctive of species