Definitions for "Direct line"
Also known as Dedicated Line and Direct Wire. This is a specially installed telephone line that links the premises ALARM SYSTEM directly to the CENTRAL STATION. The line is supervised to prevent tampering. Any interruption is immediately signalled to the CENTRAL STATION and appropriate action is taken depending on the level of response required. Banks and financial institutions, ATM machines, some jewelry and gun shops require this level of security.
Also know as Dedicated Line or Direct Line. Special supervised phone line between Alarm System and Monitor Station , that if is cut or tampered with the Monitoring Station will be alerted and take appropriate action. Direct Line is used for higher security level required for computer store, financial institution , jewelry and fur store , gun shop etc witch require a ULC Certificate.
See Dedicated Circuit.
Any treatment applied directly to burning fuel such as wetting, smothering, or chemically quenching the fire or by physically separating the burning from unburned fuel. synonym: Direct Attack
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