Definitions for "DCA"
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Washington (National) DC
Ronald Reagan Washington National Washington D.C.
National Airport, Washington, DC
Text IBM
document content architecture. An architecture that guarantees information integrity for a document being interchanged in an office system network. DCA provides the rule for specifying form and meaning of a document. It defines revisable form text (changeable) and final form text (unchangeable).
The IBM approach to storing documents as two types of document group: draft documents and final form documents. For presentation, the draft document is transformed into a final document through an office system.
Del Comportamento Alimentare
Dollar-cost average is principle where several purchases of a variable annuity are made over an extended period of time. The predictable highs and lows average out.
Dollar Cost Averaging. An RSP can lower your average cost of investments by a process of Dollar Cost Averaging, which basically means more units are automatically bought when prices are low.
dollar cost averaging. A system of buying securities at regular intervals, using a fixed amount of cash over a considerable period of time regardless of the prevailing prices of the securities (DCA protects against the risk of losing a sum of money invested all at once at an inopportune time, e.g., right before a price drop.)
Database Configuration Application. A Content Management Server 2001 utility with which you can select and populate a Microsoft SQL Server database. In addition, the DCA is used to select the virtual Web site (for the MSCMS 2001 server and the Server Configuration Application), and to select a new MSCMS 2001 System Account and the Initial MSCMS 2001 Administrator for a new installation. After you have used the DCA for a new installation, further use will be to select a new database. (See also Server Configuration Application.)
DRONE CONGREGATING AREA. A specific area to which drones fly waiting for virgin queens to pass by; it is not known how or when they are formed, but drones return to the same spots year after year. DRONE LAYERS: A drone laying queen or laying workers.
deferred compensation administrator. a company that provides services through retirement planning administration, third-party administration, self-insured plans, compensation planning, salary survey administration, and workers' compensation claims administration
Directional Coronary Atherectomy. A procedure that removes exceptionally hard (calcified) plaque that has built up on the walls of the arteries.
Direct Chip Attachment.
Direct Chip Attach
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David Coutie Associates
Department of Constitutional Affairs
Department for Constitutional Affairs
Department of Community Affairs
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Digital Control Amplifier.......performs the same task as the VCA, but utilises a digital circuit.
abbreviation for "digitally controlled amplifier," which is an amplifier circuit whose output gain can be varied by a digital signal.
dredging contractors of america.
Dynamic Channel Assignment.
Dynamic Content Adapter
Dynamic Channel Allocation. Radio resource for a particular service is not managed in a dedicated manner. The optimal channel allocation is realized by measuring service profile in terms of the temporal communication quality.
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A backflow preventer consisting of two shut off valves at either end, two spring loaded serviceable check valves, and four test ports to allow testing of the performance of the device. Back to glossary index.
Diversion Cash Assistance. One-time payment given to TANF-eligible clients intended to keep them off a continuing grant. See: Diversion
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Data on Candidates in Alliances
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Dating Chat and Advice
Document Class Authority
Delegated Classification Authority
Development Credit Authority