Definitions for "ID"
Investigació n y Desarrollo
A small fresh-water cyprinoid fish (Leuciscus idus or Idus idus) of Europe. A domesticated variety, colored like the goldfish, is called orfe in Germany.
I.D. is a 1995 British film about football hooliganism, directed by Philip Davis and starring Reece Dinsdale, Sean Pertwee and Warren Clarke.
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Id Dd i getAttribute
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Iraqi Dinar
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D is a computer game developed by Mel Croucher and Colin Jones and published by CRL in 1986. The game is text based and takes the form of a conversation with an entity that has entered your computer. Your task as the player is to gain the entity's trust and find out what other inanimate objects this entity has inhabited in the past.
That part of a person's psyche which is the unconscious source of impulses seeking gratification or pleasure; the impulses are usually modified by the ego and superego before being acted upon.
(psychoanalysis) primitive instincts and energies underlying all psychic activity
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This is a simple Python module for retrieving and setting so-called ID3 tags on MP3 compressed audio files through an object-oriented interface. MP3 players generally use this simple information for display track title, artist name, and album title whi
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Infantry Division
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a state in the Rocky Mountains
.NET class library for comprehensive implentation of ID3v
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In computer software, id is a program in Unix-like operating systems that prints the UID of the account of which the program is executed by.
Intellectual Disabilities
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Intelligent Design