Definitions for "Instincts"
Unlearned, automatic actions that are triggered by specific cues or external stimuli. go to glossary index
order by term] level: Basic (2) Inherited, specific thoughts, feelings, and behaviors which occur automatically in response to particular internal or external stimuli.
Behavior that is hardwired into the brain of an organism; behavior that does not have to be learned.
The primordial drives of the unconscious, e.g. hunger & sex are the two most common.
The view held by biosocial theorists is that learning is influenced by instinctual drives.
Mental energies which are: universal, intrinsic, individual talents, seminal, valid across cultures, needs, innate, natural, authentic, inborn tendencies to strive or initiate action through probing, patterning, innovating, and demonstrating.
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things that an animal is born knowing how to do.
Instincts is the third and final studio album by American new wave band Romeo Void, released in 1984. The single "A Girl in Trouble (Is a Temporary Thing)" reached #35 in the US.