Definitions for "Dating"
Decay This is also called site formation. In most oceans (except the Baltic Sea and a few other places), a shipwreck under water deteriorates rapidly during a first stage. This often takes decades for a wooden ship and about a century for a steel ship (shorter time in shallow water). What remains after that is usually stable for millennia if it remains covered by sand, sediment, coral, or other encrustions. A relatively stable wrecksite is usually in no urgent need of excavation, except for the risk of being destroyed by unexpected natural causes or human impact. It is often desirable to leave such a site untouched, saving money for conservation, and saving the site for future archaeologists, that probably will have better methods. More on degradation.
usually Western date system -Christian calender(AD). Approximately conversion of other dating systems to Christian calender(AD), {2000 AD year in different calenders}: Christian calender(AD) -AD {AD 2000} Mohammed calender(AH) -AH +579 {AH 1421} Solar calender(SH) -SH +621 {SH 1379} Monarchic Solar calender(MS) -MS -559 {MS 2559} Vikrama Samvat calender(VS) -VS -57 {VS 2057} Saka calender(SE) -SE +78 {SE 1921
n. Social activity only dreamed of by many male Tech students See: Free Time, Shaft Related Links: T-book: Social Life
The process of spending enormous amounts of money, time, and energy to get better acquainted with a person whom you don't especially like in the present and will learn to like a lot less in the future.
An engagement to go out socially with another person, often out of romantic interest.
A supplier's offer that provides discounts for payment of an invoice at some future date. The longer the time period the better the arrangement. See extended dating.
Extended credit terms granted by the seller to induce buyers to receive goods in advance of required delivary dates.
Credit extension beyond normal terms of a credit supplier. Source
use of chemical analysis to estimate the age of geological specimens
Any effort directed toward finding the age of a particular item or phenomenon. Methods of geologic dating are either relative (i.e., comparative and usually based on rock strata) or absolute. The latter, based on such methods as the study of radioactive isotopes, typically is given in terms of actual years or millions of years.
Figuring out the age of things; determining dates.
God's evolutionary obstacle course - JohnWard
Day around order Day loan
Extending generous credit terms to a customer, such as 90 days rather than the customary 30 days. see also deferred billing.
day loan debenture
attaching dates to our evaluations; reminds us of changes occurring over time.
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