Definitions for "Mohammed"
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The prophet who founded Islam (570-632).
Mohammed: the great Spiritual Prophet of the Religion of Islam. Channel for Archangel Gabriel
Prophet of Islam to whom the Qur'an was revealed during the years of A.D. 610 to 632. Mohammed was born in Mecca around A.D. 570. Muslims believe "Muhammad had some extraordinary experiences during his childhood; he was exceptionally moral and religiously-inclined; he was sent to all humankind with essentially the same religious message which was given to earlier prophets; his total message is inclusive, complete and is basically good for all times and places; he was the last prophet sent by Allah."
Manifestation of the primordial Daskalian (master) in the land of Arabia who taught about the oneness of God and integration, a key principle of the Deep Way.
a Perfect Master -- so is Kabir, Nanak
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You ain't nothin' but Mahound, dog (mahound is an alternate, derogatory name for Mohammed)
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a cool place to hang out