Definitions for "Kafir"
an unbeliever, one who is ungrateful to God for his gifts.
One who denies the truth. Literally, one who "covers" the truth (sometimes applied to non-Muslims).
disbeliever, one who rejects the truth.
One of a race which, with the Hottentots and Bushmen, inhabit South Africa. They inhabit the country north of Cape Colony, the name being now specifically applied to the tribes living between Cape Colony and Natal, including the Ponda, Xosa, and Tembu; but the Zulus of Natal are true Kaffirs.
One of a race inhabiting Kafiristan in Central Asia.
Same as Kaffir.
Any Black African; -- a disparaging and offensive term used by white South Africans.
an offensive term for any Black African
a member of the Kafir people in northeastern Afghanistan