Definitions for "Data Service"
an information services provider see information services online and data broker. Also, see the descriptions of various information service providers for enterprise and economic development in definition of data service defined definition of data services defined where can I find a list of data services find a location data service
a map service that gives you the ability to download selected data as geographic files
a special kind of web service that's specialized in CRUD (Create Retrieve Update Delete) data access
(n.) The combination of software and configuration files that enables an application to run without modification in a SunTM Cluster configuration. When running in a Sun Cluster configuration, an application runs as a highly available resource under the control of the Resource Group Manager (RGM).
A unit of application logic that provides the lowest visible level of detail used to manipulate data.
A web-accessible, form-based tool that allows users to query for astronomical data.
The process of obtaining a value for a variable from the variable's data server, which can either be internal or external to G2.
The mechanism by which clients, application-specific servers, and database servers can be easily and reliably extended.
The electronic transfer of data or digital information.