Definitions for "CRUD"
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Varied and inconsistent snow.
Difficult snow conditions - often crusty or icy on top, with soft mush underneath.
Uneven ruts in crusty snow caused by heavy ski traffic.
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Common name for colds / flu contracted by new arrivals to the US McMurdo base. Most common with a large entry of new people bringing a large influx of fresh germs. Any germ-related illnesses in Antarctica are rare in the winter as the base personnel have either had the illnesses by then or are immune to them. The longest continuous period of my life free of colds and flu was when I was in Antarctica. Am.
an ill-defined bodily ailment; "he said he had the crud and needed a doctor"
a catchall term for the flu/cold that affects everyone, every season. because mcmurdo is such a small, insular community, germs spread quickly and hygiene seems to be an obsession. signs in the bathrooms and kitchens urge everyone to wash their hands after peeing, making mud pies, using computer keyboards, playing rugby, and so forth. echinacea and vitamins are available for free in the clinic, and there is a multi-person handwashing station in front of the galley (in the photo at right, Hilary, one of the janitors, is restocking paper towels). I think I'm starting to get a little obsessive about cleanliness myself. today I saw a girl use the restroom and leave without washing her hands, and I almost ran after her and spanked her. bad, bad germy person
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This is not a slang term for data, nor even for dirty data. A mnemonic for the four operations on a database object: reate, ead, pdate, and elete.
Create/Read/Update/Delete; basic functions of a database
Create, Read, Update and Delete operations.
An acronym for Create, Retrieve, Update, Report. The acronym is similar to USER below and dates from the days when IT was known as Data Processing. It characterizes applications that are focused primarily on data entry and reporting for a data bases. Such applications are effectively pipelines between the database and the UI and the only business rules they apply are to ensure data integrity.
Crud is a fast-paced game purported to originate in the Royal Canadian Air Force. It is still played in units of the Canadian Forces, as well as the Canadian Coast Guard, and is reportedly popular with the United States Air Force and the FIRST Robotics community in the Worcester, Massachusetts area as well.
A multiplatform C++ Library for Decentralised Communication
any substance considered disgustingly foul or unpleasant
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See Curd.
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Layer of dirt, filth grease or any foreign matter.
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Coatings Removal Utility Disc
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See the Social Traditions page.