Definitions for "Content standard"
A statement of a broad goal describing expectations for students in a subject matter at a particular grade or at the completion of schooling. Ibid.
defines what a child is supposed to know. For example, a child needs to know multiplication facts by fourth grade.
The content that all students should know and be able to do.
A detailed set of rules for preparing bibliographic records to describe and represent items added to a library or archival collection, established to maintain consistency within the catalog and between the catalogs of libraries or archives using the same standard. The word 'content' refers to the content of the bibliographic or descriptive record, not the content of the resource being described such as a moving image resource.
Standard authorities or sets of rules that determine the vocabulary, syntax, or format of what is entered into a data or metadata element, e.g., Art & Architecture Thesaurus, Library of Congress Subject Headings, Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, or Archives, Personal Papers, and Manuscripts.
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