Definitions for "Close-up"
Keywords:  shot, shoulders, chin, macro, subject
A picture taken with the subject close to the camera-usually less than two or three feet away, but it can be as close as a few inches.
A shot which shows a limited and magnified view of a character or an object. It usually has a psychological, dramatic or symbolic value.
Any photograph made from a distance that is generally closer than our normal viewing distance. Close-up pictures are often startling in the detail they reveal.
Close-Up (1990), directed by Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami, is based on real events, which are recreated by actors playing themselves. The dialogue is in Persian and the untranslated title is Nema-ye Nazdik. A film about human identity, it helped to increase recognition of Kiarostami in the West.
Keywords:  reader, proof, mark, characters, space
A proof-reader's mark used to indicate closing space between characters or words.