Definitions for "Camera obscura"
An apparatus in which the images of external objects, formed by a convex lens or a concave mirror, are thrown on a paper or other white surface placed in the focus of the lens or mirror within a darkened chamber, or box, so that the outlines may be traced.
An apparatus in which the image of an external object or objects is, by means of lenses, thrown upon a sensitized plate or surface placed at the back of an extensible darkened box or chamber variously modified; -- commonly called simply the camera.
An aid for painters, widely used in the centuries past, which consisted of a darkened box containing lenses and a mirror. The artist projected the image of an object onto the painting surface and then traced it in charcoal or graphite. In the 19th century many artists used the device to create portraits.
an unusual optical device that is used to observe the landscape, sun and sky