Definitions for "CS-Mount"
Keywords:  flange, lenses, cheaper, focal, mount
A new generation of lenses designed for 2/3",1/2" and 1/3" cameras incorporating CS-mounts. The distance from the flange surface to the focal point is 12.5 mm. CS-mount lenses cannot be used on cameras with C-mount configuration. These lenses are smaller and cheaper than the C-mount equivalents.
A newer standard for lens mounting. It uses the same physical thread as the C-mount, but the back flange-to-CCD distance is reduced to 12.5 mm in order to have the lenses made smaller, more compact and less expensive. CS-mount lenses can only be used on CS-mount cameras.
Closed circuit television lenses are available in two different lens mounts. C-mount lenses have a flange back distance of 17.526mm. CS-Mount lenses have a flange back distance of 12.5mm. “Flange back” is the distance from the flange of the lens (beginning of the lens mount) to the focal plane.