Definitions for "Churchill"
Keywords:  winston, cigar, julieta, statesman, sir
A large Corona-format cigar.
Traditionally, the churchill is held to be a larger cigar made popular by Winston Churchill. Normally it is 7 1/2 inches long with a 50 ring gauge.
Officially known as a Julieta No. 2, this cigar is popularly referred to as a Churchill, after the late British prime minister Sir Winston Churchill, a renowned cigar lover. The Churchill cigar is a large Corona cigar, traditionally 7 inches long with a 47 or 48 ring gauge.
a Canadian town in northern Manitoba on Hudson Bay; important port for shipping grain
Churchill is a former provincial electoral division in the Canadian province of Manitoba. It was created by redistribution in 1956, and eliminated in 1999.
Churchill is a federal electoral district in Manitoba, Canada, that has been represented in the Canadian House of Commons since 1935. It covers northern Manitoba, a vast wilderness area dotted with small municipalities and First Nations reserves. It received its name from the town of Churchill, Manitoba, which resides on Churchill River.
Churchill Station was one of the original stations along the LRT (route 201) line in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, it opened April 22, 1978. It is located in the downtown core beneath Churchill Square. It is exists on the LRT line between Central Station and Stadium Station.
a solo practitioner in Milan, Michigan
a borough located in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
English general considered one of the greatest generals in history (1650-1722)