Definitions for "BUILDING INSPECTOR"
An employee or agent of a governmental authority empowered to inspect building projects and insure that they are constructed according to code.
A member of a building department, usually of a municipality, who inspects construction to determine if it conforms to both the requirements of the building code and the approved plans.
See Safety Codes Officer
a class of agent which watches building activities in a world and informs the user if he has done something unacceptable, such as pick and object that is not available for building or encroached on a neighbor's property
Comments made by AW program when building, about not being allowed to encroach, reach cell data limit, use objects that are not in registry, build inside restricted radius, etc
A government worker whom you might reckon as an adversary, but never, never, never as an enemy. This is so, grasshopper, because in the former instance you should be able either to withstand the challenges or to learn something new from him and in the latter instance you will suffer.
A public official that examines the work in the field to determine compliance with the applicable building laws.