Definitions for "boogie"
an event where skydivers from many different DZs meet up to jump and socialise. Attractions may include competitions, special events (like a 120-way attempt), or the prospect of jumping from strange and unusal places or aircraft.
Skydiving event.
A gathering of skydivers for a single purpose (skydiving). Also see party.
an instrumental version of the blues (especially for piano).
a style of piano playing very popular in the thirties. Blues, with continuous repeated eighth note patterns in the left hand and exciting but often stereotyped blues riffs and figures in the right hand.
to do a lively dance, often with the two partners not touching, to the accompaniment of rock music.
a free-form dance - We call it 'barefoot' because most people take off their shoes
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a dealer of the guitars at their Hollywood store
a black person; -- offensive and disparaging.
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The free hip lifts and moves in a circular motion in the direction of the weighted foot