Definitions for "Splash and dash"
Keywords:  litres, pit, dash, laps, balloonists
With the return of pit stops teams need to be accurate with fuel measurement and economy is very important. In the event of a miscalculation a car may need to stop near the end of a race for a small amount of fuel, this is known as a ‘splash and dash'. Literal splashing a drop of fuel in the tank before dashing off to finish the race.
Also splash and go or short fill. A car may stop in the pits just long enough to take on a minimum amount of fuel in order to lessen time spent on pit lane. Sometimes teams will use a pit strategy that includes one or more short fill stops during a race to try and gain track position, passing a competitor who may stay longer in the pits doing a complete fill up. Using this strategy during the middle of a race can be very complex since it means that the car will not be able to go as far before the next pit stop, creating a tradeoff between gaining track position now and losing it later.
A very quick pit stop, normally during the final laps of a race, when a driver makes a pit stop just to add a few litres of fuel to his car to make sure he can finish the race.