Definitions for "Paddock"
Keywords:  saddled, paraded, graze, horse, pit
A small inclosure or park for sporting.
A small inclosure for pasture; esp., one adjoining a stable.
An enclosure used for saddling and mounting horses prior to a race.
A toad or frog.
a frog, corresponding to rava in Gualterus
Harry, Ron, Fred, and George practiced Quidditch in the Weasleys' paddock (CS4); Hagrid set up a paddock for the hippogriffs in the Forbidden Forest (PA6); the dragons for the first task of the Triwizard Tournament were chained in that paddock (GF19)
Paddock is the codeword for an alternate Cabinet War Room bunker for Winston Churchill's World War II government. Located in Dollis Hill, North London, it was constructed in 1939 but only rarely used during the war, with only two meetings of the War Cabinet being held there. It was abandoned in 1944.
Where uninvolved cars, trailers, and equipment are kept during an event. Only cars involved in the current heat are in grid. Everything else stays in the paddock.
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a low lying field that retains water when it rains, at least around were I live it is
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a good start and, one might think, a pre-requisite
a facilitator in organizational and community development