Definitions for "back-to-back"
1) The alignment of the image on the one-side of the web or press sheet with the image on the two-side. 2) Circumferential registration on the press.
A holding of a pair in five-card stud (when the pair was formed with the first two cards dealt, one in the hole, and the other as the first upcard). Can be referred to as 'wired'.
A program of multiple air charters between two or more points with arrivals and departures coordinated to eliminate deadheading-sending an empty aircraft-and waiting.
Either kitchen/bath sharing one plumbing wall in one dwelling or separate dwellings backing up to a common plumbing wall; also identical dwellings, right and left, backing up to each other.
In our business if we sell and buy "back-to-back" we mean the material which we have purchased and the material which we have sold is intended to be the same identical material and the conditions of the contract insofar as tonnage, shipping time, grading, and all other matters, except for price and terms are the same. Back-to-back contracts, both the sale and purchase, have identical cancellation dates. Back-to-back contracts "cancel each other out" as far as position is concerned.
Two or more items that are placed in mirror image to one another. When used with plumbing fixtures, where a common wall is shared, back-to-back installation saves both space and money. Since the water supply and the waste drain and pipe venting are shared, repeat installation is unnecessary.
in radio and television, two commercials or programs broadcast in succession; in television, particularly those commercials aired for two products of the same company. Also called piggyback commercial and double spotting. See piggyback, competitive separation, and commercial protection. backlighted unit see backlit.
one after the other; "back-to-back home runs"
Describes the situation in which two commercials directly follow each other. Candidates can ask to run or not to run back-to-back with specific other candidates.
oriented with the backs toward each other, and sometimes touching.
when your back is touching your partner's back, which means you'll have to change the way you're throwing your passes.
Term used to describe complementary transactions in the nature of hedging, as where a life policy and an annuity are effected simultaneously on the life of one person.
occurring immediately one after the other; consecutive.
A new letter of credit issued to another beneficiary on the strength of a primary credit. The second L/C uses the first L/C as collateral for the bank. Used in a three-party transaction.