Definitions for "DOUBLE BACK"
A fox that returns to covert after having left is said to double back.
parade term. This means that each rank (line) of the band will split in half. The left half will move behind the right half, so that the band is only half as wide as it originally was. This is used at the end of a parade when going from a road to a sidewalk, or from a two-lane area to a one-lane, etc. For example, Before doubling back: F E D C B A (where A is the front-right) L K J I H G After doubling back: C B A F E D I H G L K J When there are an odd number of people in a row, the right side has the extra person: Before: E D C B A After: C B A-- E D The right side should never have a hole in it. (Lines should be justified right but I can't convince the computer to do that.) For more info about how and when to use it, see also: Parades.
retrace one's course; "The hikers got into a storm and had to turn back"
A 180-degree bend used in neon tubes to produce such letters as R,E,F,and G, as well as other designs. Often used to describe the technique and placement of the electrode on a neon unit.