Definitions for "Antioxidants"
Vitamins or substances which impede oxidation or spoilage promoted by oxygen or peroxide. (See Special Information section for further information about the controversy surrounding the anti-aging effects of antioxidants and its ability to fight free-radicals.)
Substances such as vitamin E and selenium that protect cells against damage caused by by-products of normal metabolic processes.
substances capable of counter acting the damaging effects of oxygen in the tissues.
Greet tea; marine algae, lemon, grape, orange blossom, glycolic acid, lactic acid, royal jelly, aqueous extracts, citrus exfoliants
A fat in which one fatty acid is replaced by phosphorus and a nitrogenous compound. A compound (eg, lecithin) that contains phosphoric acid, fatty acids, and nitrogen.
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Arm Blaster Assimilation
Chemicals added to latex to prevent degradation of the latex through contact with air.
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See Antioxidant.