Definitions for "Anesthetics"
herbs (and other medications) which produce anesthesia or unconsciousness.
edications that cause loss of sensation to pain or awareness.
chemicals and methods used to eliminate pain
Keywords:  procollagen, gingivitis
Gingivitis Procollagen
Keywords:  podophyllin, exogenous
Exogenous Podophyllin
Keywords:  periorbital, fibroblasts
Fibroblasts Periorbital
Keywords:  postoperative
Keywords:  guanethidine, prevalence
Guanethidine Prevalence
Keywords:  glossitis, placebos
Glossitis Placebos
Keywords:  glycoproteins, precursor
Glycoproteins Precursor
Keywords:  gestation, posterior
Gestation Posterior
Keywords:  glucose, progressive
Glucose Progressive