Definitions for "Anaesthesia"
any gas or drug used to create a state of unconsciousness or insensitivity to pain.
An impairment or loss of sensation, usually of touch but sometimes of the other senses, that is often part of conversion disorder.
A field of medicine involving the administration of drugs that produce a loss of consciousness or sensation. The term also means a drug-induced state of lack of feeling. This may affect the entire body (as in general anaesthesia), a region of the body (as in regional anaesthesia), or a small amount of tissue (as in local anaesthesia).
Fibroblasts Overdose
Hematology Overdose
Glomerulonephritis Prednisone
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Ganglia Percutaneous
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Fatigue Perfusion
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Facial Oropharynx
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Glycosuria Proteins
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Hepatic Progressive