Definitions for "and there"
a national toll-free hotline for businesses and people with disabilities to call with specific questions
a natural question from civil people why PSIA have to have contacts with CIA ( In fact, PSIA passes to CIA sensitive data about Japanese national elections
a need for Army to convince CIA that these files should be released expeditiously
a beautiful templeof Sri Rama in the South Indian styleon the banks of river Sri Sarayu
a conspiracy to provoke Indians into taking a position against him
a danger in making Indian policy too America-centric
Keywords:  vet, we'd, athens, medicine, master
a great deal of support for you and your vet
a school in Athens (we'd have to live in between, it's quite a distance between the two cities) with a master's in vet medicine
a Craig Ross from Austin, Tx who co-wrote a few songs on Doyle's first solo CD
a Salvadoran and a Honduran in line, of course the Salvadoran will go first, regardless of whoever is first in the line
Keywords:  huge, tsol, adolscents, riff, scenes
a huge number on the market now
a huge riff between both scenes (still), but it would have been interesting to get more into the Adolscents, Social D, TSOL etc
a chance that I will die from direct exposure to incredible awesomeness and I just want you to all know that
a fair chance one at least one of them will fall deeply in love with you
a good chance that this drive will work fine
a perception among PAMB members that until today there has not been a thorough and comprehensive assessment of the natural wealth of their PA
a strict external assessment system to guarantee standards both of the course and of assessment
a very comprehensive instruction and tutorial on HTaccess Located Here
Keywords:  trend, icra, leeway, specs, tribal
a car slowing us down in the left lane
a copyright symbol in the lower left corner on the front
a definite trend by tribal courts toward the view that they have leeway in interpreting the ICRA's due process and equal protection clauses and need not follow the U
a lot mroe of it so yes it is good
a lot of overhead involved, but it's much cleaner and cheaper solution than the first
a lot of talk about the death of the blockbuster
a good feature on printing using their services by wilderness photographer Galen Rowell of 'Mountain Light Photography' in Bishop, California
a possibility of staphylococcal sepsis
Keywords:  gba, remake, amazing, lesson, well
a glossary of the acronyms often used when discussing special education as well as a long list of links including jobs in the field and lesson plans for students with disabilities
a remake for the GBA as well but not the DS as far as I know
a woman as well that has the most amazing voice
a good reason for this
a reason other than the ultimately fabulous Diane Sawyer
Keywords:  lemura, darwinised, name
a Darwinised name LEMURA
Keywords:  viod, danerous, gap, emerging
a danerous gap or viod now emerging
Keywords:  digg, story
a story about it here on digg
Keywords:  marta, peanuts, say, poster, don't
an option, I will say it
a poster on the wall of the MARTA that says, "studies show that people who eat peanuts live longer than people who don't eat
a company that sells Product B that customers can use to replace your Service A
a free way to sell or bay used Motor homes
a sound accommodation strategy to improve access at the Bankfield site and sell the Old Swan site within the next year
a game in the Action Replay
an economy to support that, I think it will only get worse
a referral to someone else's problems as they think the game commission will let them go free using a gun mounted light for night predator hunting
Keywords:  sure, i'm, fig, brothers, par
an academic director that checks in regularly with the brothers to make sure their grades are up to par
an old established fig that i'm sure gets watered very rarely
Keywords:  staring, stop
a B but there is no C and stop staring at me
Keywords:  attestation, desk
a desk for attestation
a collision between stations B and C, A will not increment its collision counter
a lovely radio station named KCRW, they often give away apple computers as a part of their fund raising
Keywords:  smile, gray
a gray smile
an exciting air of anticipation here in Sestriere
a nominal charge for advertising on the holiday special
a relatively nominal fee for artists once accepted on the label
a statutory compensation scheme, similar to that in the UK
a statutory obligation upon institutions to inform students (e
Keywords:  isomorphism, whereby, system
a system B whereby there is an isomorphism between this A here and this B there
Keywords:  neighbour, connected
a neighbour E of C which is connected to D but not to A
an argument on crank angle sensor verses distributor
Keywords:  fsa, discrepancy, crop, resolve, try
a discrepancy between the entity recorded for crop insurance and the local FSA office, Companies will try to resolve the discrepancy with the FSA
Keywords:  saltlake, valley, dry, bottom, across
a white, dry saltlake across the bottom of the valley
Keywords:  faction, hotels, bargain, wars, wide
a wide selection of bargain priced hotels
a wide variation of factions there for you to join, you can also make your own faction about anything star wars
Keywords:  zoo, petting, little, site, ones
a petting zoo on site for the little ones
Keywords:  update, rfc, gateway, draft, profile
a menu item to update the Vision Profile
an updated draft at the Common Gateway Interface RFC project
a updated version of
Keywords:  alpaca, market, products
a market for alpaca products
Keywords:  aruba, push, visit, things, community
a push in our community not to visit Aruba until they put things right
Keywords:  vernal, pond, behind, house, small
a small vernal pond behind my house
Keywords:  golf, target
a target golf
Keywords:  aviary, scheduled, end, new, opening
a new aviary scheduled for opening at the end of the year
Keywords:  spotlight, article, bill, new
an article in the spotlight about this new bill
Keywords:  hollywood, great, sign, view
a great view of the Hollywood sign
Keywords:  inmates, carry, message, need, real
a real need to carry the message to inmates in the system
Keywords:  park, bus, visitors, car, transport
a large bus to transport visitors to and from the Park
an additional site B to include the car park
Keywords:  nice, influenced, context, sense, least
a nice sense of time and place, with relationships among the major characters defined according to (or at least influenced by) this context
Keywords:  supreme, pending, court, case, issue
a case currently pending before the Supreme Court on just that issue
an urgent need for investment in this type of research in the UK
a real environment of optimism among researchers
Keywords:  colon, space
a space after the colon
a working group between Genetics and Linguistics also at the Institute
a history of collaboration among the organizations
Keywords:  crime, nature
a crime of some nature or the other
Keywords:  big, lack, screen, store, places
a big lack of knowledge in both places
a Big Screen Store here
Keywords:  chart, outer, partner
an outer chart, which is the chart of partner B
an intermediate server in place to translate
Keywords:  ace, fold, raise, bet, board
a bet and raise with an ace on board you should fold
Keywords:  waste, monitoring, filled, kind, accept
a detailed application form that must be filled out, which includes details of the type of waste the site will accept and the kind of monitoring it will carry out
a reference implementation under development at www
Keywords:  description
a description of how to do so
Keywords:  tell, enter, link, code, area
a link to enter an area code and it will tell you in general where that area code is
a child care facility available after school
Keywords:  team, fee
a fee for each team
Keywords:  atmosphere, definite, party
a definite party atmosphere
Keywords:  cross, represent, members, listing
a cross listing of the members they represent
Keywords:  offer
an offer of a U