Definitions for "Passage to India"
a celebration of Indian music and culture featuring performances by Kiran Ahluwalia and sitarist/tabla player Shafaatullah Khan, Indian dance, Indian film, and Indian food available for purchase
a cohesive force which links the novel with India herself and Indians as well as Englishmen in a common sense of mystical disorientation
a critique of British rule of India
a feature film directed by David Lean, starring Victor Banerjee, Art Malik, Saeed
a fine example of film craft melding a strong story with sterling production values and a genius eye behind the camera
a tense story of racism and disillusion that is all-too-relevant today
a wonderfully provocative tale, full of vivid characters, all played to near perfection
a book about empire
a book about latecomers and invaders on foreign soil
a fully licensed restaurant specialising
a fully licensed Ta
an ambivalent reading experience that provides, perhaps, more of the colonial experience than we first assume
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a movie that rewards the patient viewer
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an adaptation of an E
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a case in point too