Definitions for "Anasazi"
the prehistoric peoples who occupied parts of a region extending from southwestern Nevada on the west to the edge of the Great Plains in New Mexico and Colorado on the east, and from northeastem Utah and northwestem Colorado on the north, to central New Mexico and the Little Colorado River in Arizona on the south. Remains of the Anasazi culture include the ruins at Chaco Canyon, Mesa Verde, Canyon de Chelly, and the Navajo National Monument. Like the Hohokam, the Anasazi developed out of an Archaic tradition to become sedentary farmers. The Anasazi lifeway first emerged around the time of Christ. The first Anasazi are known as Basketmakers. The lifeway continues today in the New Mexican pueblos and Hopi villages.
Ancestral Pueblo Indians; the ``Ancients.''
Navajo word for "ancient ones": Native American group in Southwest prominent around 1200 BCE.
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Anasazi is a word that describes a race of humans and a country to the south of Leonay (where most of the Anasazi people live).
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"Anasazi" is the second season finale of The X-Files.