Definitions for "powwow "
A priest, or conjurer, among the North American Indians.
Conjuration attended with great noise and confusion, and often with feasting, dancing, etc., performed by Indians for the cure of diseases, to procure success in hunting or in war, and for other purposes.
Any assembly characterized by noise and confusion; a noisy frolic or gathering.
powwow is a client program that replaces telnet for the lazy MUDder who wants some extra features. It is primarily designed for DikuMUDs, but nothing prevents its use for other types of MUDs. It is based on cancan, but was entirely rewritten.
Any meeting assembled to discuss an issue; a parley.
To hold a meeting to discuss an issue.
a quick private conference
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Pennsylvania Dutch folk Magick.
an online Internet community and communications software. Used for creating, managing and hosting online PowWow Communities, including one for residents of AlphaWorld.
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a very sacred place
a coming together of two or more tribes to share their cultures
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a very busy place, and they are occupied with the business at hand