Definitions for "Amygdala "
Amygdala is a C++ spiking neural network library. It includes several neuron models, SMP support, and facilities for developing SNNs with genetic algorithms. An OpenGL-based Visualizer allows you to watch the simulation as it runs.
An almond.
A brain structure that serves a vital role in learning to associate things in the world with emotional responses and for processing emotional information. go to glossary index
Amygdala is the alias of a DC Comics character, who is a sometime opponent of Batman. His real name is Aaron Helzinger. He has reduced mental capacity, is prone to outbursts of violence, and has super-strength.
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Glutamine Pneumonia
analog android anticholinesterase
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Firearms Prophylaxis
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Femoral Phenotype
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One of the tonsils of the pharynx.
One of the rounded prominences of the lower surface of the lateral hemispheres of the cerebellum, each side of the vallecula.