Definitions for "Thalamus"
A mass of nervous matter on either side of the third ventricle of the brain; -- called also optic thalamus.
A large group of brain cells centrally placed deep in the brain near its base and serving as a major relay station for impulses traveling from the spinal cord and cerebellum to the cerebral cortex.
large, oval structure located above the midbrain and consisting of two masses of gray matter covered by a thin layer of white matter
thalamos = a bed-chamber, a temple; pre-Vesalian use: thalami cordis = heart chambers; thalami penis = cavernous spaces; nuclear mass in lateral wall of 3rd ventricle.
Two large egg-shaped gray-matter masses on either side of the third ventricle. image
Gr. thalamos, inner chamber, bridal chamber. The term was used by Galen.
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Same as Thallus.
(THAHL-aw-muhs) A bilobed endocrine gland located in the anterior neck region that produces hormones influencing growth and metabolism, and calcium levels in the blood.
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The receptacle of a flower; a torus.
Greek = bedroom - derivation obscure, though the posterior end of the thalamus is rounded and named pulvinar = cushion.
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