Definitions for "Pons"
A bridge; -- applied to several parts which connect others, but especially to the pons Varolii, a prominent band of nervous tissue situated on the ventral side of the medulla oblongata and connected at each side with the hemispheres of the cerebellum; the mesocephalon. See Brain.
This portion of the brain stem forms a bridge between the cerebellum and cerebrum. It is also the location for nerve fibers to cross from one side of the brain to control functions and movement on the other side of the brain.
An area in the brain stem containing nerve-fibre tracts that connect the cerebellum with the spinal cord and with motor areas of the cerebrum.
Pons is an lunar crater that is located to the west of the prominent Rupes Altai scarp. It lies to the southeast of Sacrobosco crater, and southwest of the Polybius crater. To the northwest along the same flank of the formation is the Fermat crater.
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