Definitions for "ADF"
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An optional device that holds a stack of originals and feeds them automatically, one at a time, to the glass platen for copying. The speed of some copiers fall back when using the Auto Feeder.
Auto Document Feeder
Stands for "Automatic Document Feeder." An ADF is used in copiers and scanners ...
Alaska Defense Frontier
Asian Development Fund
Australian Defence Forces
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Adapter Description File
adapter descriptor file. A file of predefined information used to set up the programmable option select (POS) registers for an adapter. The adapter descriptor file database is on a system hard disk.
See adapter descriptor file.
Acid Detergent Fiber, the amount of cellulose, lignin, hemicelluloses and variable amounts of silica, used to predict the energy content of feed. An increase in ADF reflects a decrease in energy.
See acid detergent fiber.
Acid Detergent Fiber; an indicator of relative digestibility of forages.
Allied Democratic Forces based in Uganda and the Congo
Allied Democratic Front
Amsterdam Density Functional package for first-principle relativistic electronic structure calculations via density-functional theory (DFT) and Slater-type orbital (STO) basis functions
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The miga isk ile stores the contents of an entire Amiga floppy in a single file. It is binary, but is designed to work on any machine that has Amiga emulator software (Amiga emulators are available for many platforms, including UNIX, Macs, and WinTel boxes) as well as (of course) the Amiga itself.
An ethylene or propylene glycol-based fluid that is applied to remove snow and ice from the surfaces of an aircraft. These are relatively thin-bodied fluids, and are applied hot.
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Astrophysics Data Facility
Oracle Application Development Framework ( ADF) - part of JDeveloper 10g (also used to develop Oracle e-Business Suite). ADF provides a productivity layer for J2EE developers to build applications that are well-architected, portable, and high-performance.
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Radio compass which gives a relative bearing to the non-directional radio beacon to which it is tuned.
Active Dark Filament. In solar-terrestrial terms, an Active Prominence seen on the Disk.
Area Distribution Frame. Network electronics that route network traffic across the campus.
automated distribution frame
The initialism (acronym) for Advanced Data Format.
Advance Disposal Fee
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Average daily flow