Definitions for "Whale "
Any aquatic mammal of the order Cetacea, especially any one of the large species, some of which become nearly one hundred feet long. Whales are hunted chiefly for their oil and baleen, or whalebone.
A general term used to describe any large cetacean and several smaller ones.
a very large person; impressive in size or qualities
The highest of the high rollers.
Name given to a high roller.
a very heavy roller
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Whale is a GNOME 2 application which provides a simple interface for creating playlists and storing songs on your Apple iPod. For example, you can add a song by simply dragging the file from Nautilus to the Whale window.
Whale was a Swedish pop group in the 1990s that wrote songs in English. The group's members were Henrik Schyffert, Cia Soro(a.k.a. Cia Berg), and Gordon Cyrus.
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a delightful comic thriller, fast-paced, and great good fun to read
a very great fish about one hundred, or three hundred foot long, and the body is of a vast magnitude, yet the Orca, which is smaller in quantity, but more nimble to assault, and cruel to come on, is his deadly Enemy
A club patron who ties up one or more of your desired dancers for one hour plus, often in VIP room, for many consecutive dances. (minnow)
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a huge animal - the biggest in the world
a huge sea animal that looks much like a fish
Whale crystals help you to access all the records of the Earth. Whether they be of a personal nature or a planetary nature. (Etched triangles on face. 2nd type of Akasha crystal)
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a different breed
The Whale virus is a computer virus discovered on July 1, 1990. The file size is 9,216 bytes. It was written by German programmer R.
A return based on a fixed participation in the rise of the underlying, averaged by the final level of the underlying as opposed to the initial level, used in the corresponding standard call option.
A whale guarantees you achievement in a big project
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81-100 to Life