Definitions for "Stranding"
Keywords:  cetacean, alive, dolphins, stuck, dead
When one or more whales or dolphins become stuck, either dead or alive, on dry land or on rocks at the edge of the sea.
When a marine organism gets stuck on the beach or in shallow water. For cetaceans there are strandings of individual animals, often attributed to death in the water or sickness, and also mass strandings, the causes of which are often not well-understood.
The act of a cetacean coming onto land, either alive or dead.
A vessel strands when it runs aground.
Running aground, such as a vessel may do in shallow water.
The grounding of the vessel, causing it to remain fast for an appreciable length of time.
The process of forming the twinned conductors into a small cable or units for a large cable by means of floor mounted supply stands with a rotating take-up reel. The cable is formed by a closing die followed by a smaller binder die and secured by nylon binder.
A beading technique in which strands of beads are manipulated to create jewelry or to decorate surfaces.