Definitions for "Upline"
a person or a few people under you
The people who recruited you, plus the people who recruited them, and so on.
Affiliate who referred you to the program or the affiliate who referred him/her. Your upline can be traced up through the program hierarchy across any number of levels, although most of your contact will be with the affiliate immediately above you.
1. A device that is at the computer end of a connection between a computer and a device is referred to as being upline. When devices are connected to a computer, they are connected in a line. Upline is a direction relative to the device, in contrast to downline. 2. If more than one computer is connected in a line, the upline computers usually handle data processing and the downline computers usually handle data collection and sometimes some data preprocessing.
The consultants' line of sponsorship. The company is always at the top
Members who joined AIM before you and are a part of the line or group of AIM Members through which you became a Member.