Definitions for "Affiliate Network"
A company that facilitates the sale of products and/or services for a merchant via Affiliates, acting as a trusted 3rd party providing software, help and support for both Affiliate and Merchant.
a value-added intermediary providing services, including aggregation, for affiliate merchants and affiliates.
An affiliate network is an organization that facilitates the relationship between merchants and affiliates, providing links, banners, program sign-up, sales tracking, and payment services. Ex. Commission Junction
a group of one or more existing web storefronts that give referral fees or commissions on every shopper who originates from your web site or via a link you provide in an email
A partnership between PartyPartners, and you, the affiliate. PartyPartners gives you revenue on referred players' and/or Sub-affiliates' revenue generation via our gaming brands.
a system that allows Nicotine RX is a directory which lists various products which allow people to gracefully stop smoking
a system that allows website owners to earn money by selling products on their website with no risk
a system that allows Web site owners to earn money by selling products on their Web site with no risk
a prime way for an online business to increase its customer base, and therefore its sales
a sales network and like all sales networks they need managers, not just a person answering email, approving affiliates and making affiliate payments
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a central place that brings together lots of different affiliate programs AND affiliates
a company that manages individual company's affiliate programs
A company that manages more than one affiliate program.