Definitions for "TIR"
Total Indicated Reading. The full indicator reading observed when a dial indicator is in contact with the part surface during one full revolution of the part about its axis of rotation.
Total Indicated Runout refers to the practice of measuring printing cylinders, shafts, anilox rollers, etc., using a dial indicator to identify any variance. Measure variation around a cylinder surface at given locations. Readings are normally taken at the right, left and center of the cylinder, using a dial indicator mounted on a metal base under the cylinder. (Acceptable readings are 0.0005" for high quality printing.)
Total Indicator Reading is the total movement of a dial indicator for the deviation of a surface from it's theoretical perfect dimension. In drilling, it is an indication of the deviation of the cutting tool's centerline axis from it's theoretical true centerline.
(Stands for Transport Internationale Routiers. This is the European Carnet System to facilitate international movement of goods)
turn in the road - modern term for '3 point turn'
Transport International des Merchandises par la Route.
Tasa Interna de Rendimiento
Tasa Interna de Retorno
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Intermediate rank Darhel.
Traumatic Incident Reduction - developed by Gerbode.
(1) target illuminating radar or (2) thermal imaging radar or (3) tracking & illuminating radar
Thermal Infrared
Targeted Intervention Research
Temperature increase requirement. A measure of the loss in a catalyst’s activity; reactions invariably go faster at higher temperatures, and the TIR measures the increase in temperature to bring activity back to a previous level; it may also measure the increase of temperature per day or week to maintain activity.
Technical Instrument Report
Transfer Investigative Report (Parolee Transfer Request)
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land, territory Tirymynach
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Teacher in Residence
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an integral part of the name keeps it from being so