Definitions for "Telex"
Short for “teleprinter exchange,” telexes were messages transmitted over a global wire system by big, noisy machines that looked like typewriters. They were a forerunner to fax machines, but more sophisticated than telegrams, which had to be sent to a main telegraph office, translated from dots and dashes, then hand-delivered to the receiver. Telex machines were easily wired and not too expensive, so they were commonly found in offices that conducted international business.
Dial-up telegraph service enabling its subscribers to communicate directly and temporarily among themselves by means of start-stop apparatus and of circuits of the public telegraph network. The service operates worldwide using Baudot equipment.
Acronym for Teleprinter Exchange
The Belgian pop group Telex was formed in 1978 by Marc Moulin, Dan Lacksman and Michel Moers, as a kind of elaborate joke. Mixing the aesthetics of disco, punk and experimental electronic music, they released a stripped-down synthesized cover version of "Twist à St. Tropez" by Les Chats Sauvages.
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the earplug through which a host or field reporter hears other sources of audio: the program, an interviewer (or guest)…but not him/herself (at least, when it works properly…). Also called an IFB (interruptible foldback), after the system it’s part of.
A public switched low-speed data network used for the transmission of administrative messages.
A facility utilized by the Western Union Company to transmit messages, and the message itself when using the facility.
a secure text based messaging service, which allows you to send and receive text messages around the world
A communication infrastructure for collaborative, nomadic applications.
communicate by telex; "We telexed the information to our sister company"
Telex is a convention for writing Vietnamese using ASCII characters commonly found on computer keyboard layouts.