Definitions for "Unified Messaging"
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An application that provides a single network-based access point from which users can manage all information and message types, using any number and variety of access devices (PC, web browser, phone, etc.), from anywhere, and regardless of connection path (LAN, Internet, telephone). Unified messaging solutions seamlessly integrate voice mail, e-mail, and fax in a single e-mail inbox on one server. From a central digital store, all of these message types are accessible via multiple devices and interfaces with a consistent set of features and capabilities.
Unified Messaging (UM) systems provide one centralized mailbox for email, voice and fax messages. All message types can be viewed, replied to, saved or deleted in the same Inbox using a familiar message management system such as Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes.
Edit / The integration of e-mail, voice mail, fax, and chat (i.e. Instant Messaging) at the desktop.
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