Definitions for "Tarp"
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TARP (Terminal Identifier - Address Resolution Protocol) is a protocol defined in Telcordia (a.k.a Bellcore) GR-253 standard document for SONET and used in OSS to resolve a TL1 TID to a CLNP address (NSAP). The protocol is used in a number of network devices. It was originally written by Steve Kim while working at Fujitsu Network Systems.
waterproofed canvas
a particular sturdy plastic
a waterproof fly that protects from rain and sunlight
Tissue Array Research Program
Thrift Administration Review Program. An ots program to help savings associations improve their books, records and loan files and to implement better internal controls.... read full article
Telecommunications Access Resource Program. Provides funds to help individual schools across Minnesota, including private and charter schools, get connected to each other and to the Internet. The funds also help pay the ongoing expenses of Internet and video hookups.
Total Atrial Refractory Period; TARP is used to determine the 2:1 block rate and is the total of the A-V interval and the PVARP.
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a good idea to keep other wondering minds from giving my monkeys treats, ect
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a further means of protecting your gear, by using it under, in, or over your tent
a covering utilized on a waste or recycling truck to prevent items from blowing out.
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(Target Audience Rating Point)