Definitions for "blowing"
processing that involves blowing a gas.
The process by which flexible polyurethane is foamed during production. In all cases, blowing occurs when water and TDI react to form CO2. [Also see Auxiliary Blowing Agent (ABA).
The method of foaming flexible polyurethane in production. Blowing happens when toluene diisocyanate and water react to create CO 2.
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the process of inflating the glass gathering by means of a blow pipe.
The technique of forming an object by inflating a gob of molten glass gathered on the end of a blowpipe. The gaffer blows through the tube, slightly inflating the gob, which is then manipulated into the required form by swinging it, rolling it on a marver, or shaping it with tools or in a mold; it is then inflated to the desired size.
To produce glass, a gaffer gathers a glob of molten glass on the end of a blowpipe. The gaffer inflates the glob slightly by blowing, and then manipulates it by swinging, rolling or shaping it with tools. Then the gaffer inflates the piece to its proper size, possibly within a mold in order to achieve a specific shape.
A finishing process which opens the fibre and sets the weave of a fabric. Steam is passed through a cloth which has been wound onto a large perforated roller covered in an endless roll of cotton canvas between which the cloth to be blown is sandwiched.
A finishing process where steam is blown through a perforated drum. Usually applied to woollen materials.
the process of blowing dry steam through a cloth, to settle the fabric and take the curliness from the yarn.
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see Jamming.
A descriptor used to amplify observed weather phenomena whenever the phenomena are raised to a height of 6 feet or more above the ground.
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A method that may be used by a defender to attempt defense when a ball is spinning in a cup. The defender blows downward into the cup in an effort to pop the ball out of the cup. [ More Info] Related Terms: Blow Job
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Performing fellatio.