Definitions for "TABLE WINE"
Keywords:  tafelwein, fortified, tavola, vino, vin
A wine of 10 to 15 percent alcohol created by natural fermentation, as opposed to a fortified wine.
Natural wine which is unfortified. Alcohol by volume is usually between 10 and 12%. South Africa has a legal maximum of 16% alc by vol.
A term used to differentiate standard wine from stronger fortified wine or sparkling wine. In some countries it is meant to designate the lowest quality level of wine produced, as in France, where it is called vin de table. The same is true of Spain's vino da mesa, Portugal's vinho de mesa and Germany's Tafelwein, but in the case of vino da tavola in Italy, many of the country's finest wines illogically appear under that heading. European Union guidelines stipulate that all wine produced must fall into one of two categories: table wine or the superior quality wine.