Definitions for "SKYLINE"
a type of cable logging system in which a skyline is stationary and a carriage moves along it carrying logs above the ground, from the felling site to the landing.
A cableway stretched tautly between two points and used as a track for a block or carriage.
A cable logging method in which a block or carriage rides on a wire rope called a skyline.
Skyline was a notable Australian thoroughbred racehorse. He was a son of the champion sire Star Kingdom from the Helios mare Flight’s Daughter and elder brother of another notable performer Sky High.
The visible horizon, including trees, buildings, mountains and the like, dividing the sky into an upper portion, which is visible, and a lower portion, which is not. Generally at least somewhat similar to, but not identical to, the astronomical horizon.
A skyline is best described as the overall or partial view or relief of a city's tall buildings and structures consisting of many skyscrapers. It can also be described as the artificial horizon that a city's overall structure creates. Skylines serve as a kind of fingerprint of a city, as no two skylines are alike.
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(1)Nissan's car. (2)usually named toll road on the hills. e.g. Fuji Skyline.
a fine car, a Primera is an under rated car but has no image
a rice rocket you won't see around your neighborhood, primarily because they are not street legal in the United States
A spoon handle entirely cut-around in the shape of a panoramic scene. A simple embossed scene that is not completely cut around is not a true skyline spoon.
SMUGGLING$: crime word ... general stories. SMUGGLING: crime word ... first story, arrest, verdict, sentence; may use with DRUG, WEAPON
Skyline is Auraria Library's online catalog. Skyline is an electronic database listing all the materials owned by the Library. Library users can search for books, periodical titles, government documents, maps, and audio-visual materials held by the Library. Reserve materials and circulation records may also be viewed. Skyline is available to anyone with Internet access.
The train that connects the concourses and terminals with one another. A total of 18 trains are in operation for 17 hours each day.
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A banner head that runs above the nameplate.
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the outline of objects seen against the sky
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a work of art
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the line at which the sky and Earth appear to meet