Definitions for "Maps"
"Mass Automatic Protest Storm" Concerned that the net is in danger of being overwhelmed by unsolicited commercial email ("UCE" or "email spam"), some disgruntled recipients of said unsolicited email have taken to emailing angry letters, usually with copies of the offending email attached, to [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], at each and every domain listed in the path, their own ISP, any other recipients listed in the header, any domains or individuals mentioned in the original letter, and enough other random individuals and mailing lists to make sure that the net becomes overwhelmed by complaints about unsolicited commercial email first.
Mail Abuse Protection System used to minimize the effects of Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE), also referred to as spam.
Mail Abuse Prevention System is a not for profit organization committed to defending the internet's email system from spammers.
Four main types of air map were recognised internationally before the Second World War: (1) Basic Maps. These cover the whole World in 24 sheets and are intended for the planning of routes and to give general aeronautical information. (2) Route Maps. Drawn to a small scale, these are intended for navigational use on long journeys. (3) Local Maps: The normal one to one-million scale. International Maps of the World modified to meet the needs of air navigation. These are used for ordinary navigation work. (4) General Maps: Maps drawn to Mercator's projection to a scale in which one degree of longitude equals three centimetres. This type of map has special applications.
Some games contain a map of the imaginary setting in the game so that you can navigate more easily. How to access the map (if there is one) is described in the game's manual. Back to the Index of Terms
Two types of maps exist. Hand-drawn maps provided for ringers to give direction between towers on an outing. If ringers get lost then this brings out the second type. Ordinance Survey maps highly detailed, ringer's still get lost, but now they blame it on the navigator, not the person who drew the map.
A relatively new matchcover category including directional, land, street, city, or guidepost maps. Many are full length, and appear on the inside as much as the outside of the matchcover. (See Full Length, Inside).
"Maps" is a single by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs from their debut full-length album, Fever to Tell (2003). It was released on February 10th, 2004, and became a major hit for the band.
The Minnesota Accounting and Procurement System. Quite often MAPS or AGPS is referred to when speaking of the Procurement side of the system and GFS is referred to when speaking of the accounting side.
Manufacturing, Accounting and Planning System - term used by Pfizer
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These are areas with a game or mod that you play. Most games have many maps and the transition between them is normally defined by some obvious loading sequence. Often players release single maps that range in size from a couple of rooms to huge areas. There are generally technical limitations of the size of each map. This map or level would not make any changes to the gameplay, just create anew environment to play in.
links to the downtown and MacDonald campus maps; located in the right-hand column
nickname for airmail stamps of 1926-1927 ( Scott C7-C9) that include a map in their design.
Admission requirements for all students graduating from high school. MAPS deficiencies must be completed after starting at CU-Boulder through coursework or equivalency tests.
Several maps are available from the site of the Guild of Cartographers.
Men's Advocacy and Practical Strategies
Map Collection is located on the second floor of the Library to the left of the Reserve Desk. Media Lab See: Multimedia Laboratory
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a PHP class meant to simplify display of Google
Measurement of Atmospheric Pollution from Satellites
Mapped Atmosphere-Plant-Soil System
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Market auction preferred stock
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To translate one value into another.